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10 Commandments of Superior Customer Service

How to Create A 5 Star Organization

"Over the years, I have had the opportunity to speak for a good number of major corporations who are considered “five star organizations.” As I studied these organizations, I have found that they have some specific qualities that are consistent. Yet, not only can major corporations have five star ratings, I believe that churches can also have five star rating.

In studying five star organizations, I have found that they all five qualities. The five qualities are Vision, Decision, Action, Desire and Incredible Customer Service (not good, not even great, but Customer Service have created a few ideas that will help create more five star churches. I call this the 10 Commandment of Superior Customer Service!

The first step to creating a five star organization is to understand that we must become leaders of one, which means that before we can lead many we must be able to lead one...ourselves! The great organizations always look to have leaders in every level of the organization, whether they are the managers, mid-mangers, line workers or whether they answer the phones or clean the building. Great organizations seek to have leaders in every level.

I recently was speaking for Dell Computers at their International Leadership Conference and was amazed when their Senior VP said, “Our goal is to have leaders everywhere in this organization. If we cannot hire them, then we will make them!”

The next step is that we must we willing to Change! We are where we are because of what we know and what we do, if we want to have greater results, we must be willing to do some different t things and some things differently. In other word, we must be willing to change.

My mother told me something when I was a child that I have not forgotten. She said, “Willie if you keep doing what you’ve been doing you’re going to keep getting what you’ve been getting!” (After I got enough spankings, I figured it out…I needed to change!) An ability to embrace change is absolutely necessary for leaders who are committed to service and who want to create five start organizations."

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