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An Attitude of Excellence

Dr. Jolley's An Attitude of Excellence book will help you: 

Implement Dynamic Leadership Development

  • Encourage Your People: To create happy and productive employees, the first thing great organizations do is encourage their employees.
  • Keep Your People Engaged: The second thing top-tier organizations do to create happy and productive employees is keep them engaged at work.
  • Coach Your Team to Have an Attitude of Excellence: A winning team tends to be a happy team.

Willie, Thank you for the advanced copy of your new book. I got a chance to read it while on travel this past week and I found it to be a great read. I love the title, “Attitude of Excellence," and look forward to sharing the ‘golden nuggets’ with my sales team and others that I come in contact with.
–Eric Cevis, VP Verizon Enhanced Communities

The Ten Commandments Of Superior Customer Service

10 commandments

In his new book, An Attitude of Excellence, Dr. Willie Jolley devotes an entire chapter to having an attitude of excellence in customer service. Read this Forbes Magazine article where he shares his Ten Commandments of Superior Customer Service.

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About Dr. Willie Jolley

Dr. Jolley is an acclaimed thought-leader, a Hall of Fame speaker, bestselling author, and radio host. His dynamic personality and relevant, approachable message make An Attitude of Excellence an ideal fit for corporate and special event sales. He has sold over 1 million copies of his books worldwide, with the majority of sales coming from bulk and corporate purchases, including to companies like Verizon, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Marriott, Hyatt, and more.

An Attitude of Excellence

How the Best Organizations Get the Best Performance from the Best People